Q: do you hate Serbia?


Ok so first of all im gonna say No. I can’t say I hate a country, there are good people too, and that was shown when two players of Serbia helped to calm the situation yesterday and protect our players from some wild hooligans.
Now, the wild hooligans ( which tbh is most of them) are what I hate.

As for what happened last night: I disliked the tension and aggression of some serb players in the field as this was a very delicate match and at least the players should’ve been more fair-playing than ever. however thats not a big deal as it happens often.
I hate the disrespect shown to our hymn, the continuous shoutings “kill kill albanians”, 4000 police forces that couldn’t keep the situation under control, because they didn’t want to! Not a single albanian was let in, not a single red and black scarf was let in, yet the vandals which the world has seen many times and are prohibited to enter a stadium were let in. Chairs, flares, a fucking barrel was let in. Why? The whole stadium was showing racism and yes, i Hate that. Our players were attacked not only by the hooligans but also by security members of the stadium.
And a serb should have never touched the flag as they know the situation would normally aggravate. We went to play football, not to have our symbols desecrated.

I didn’t know but now I see that the serb media and government are very very manipulative and disinform their own people which only brings aggravation of the whole situation.

I think UEFA is responsible for all what happened last night as they have seen the serb fans actions, and either Serbia and Albania shouldn’t have been allowed to play against each other, or the match should’ve taken place at a neutral or empty stadium.
The war and the serb massacre is still vivid in the memory of the albanians of Kosovo and it frustrates me to imagine that relatives of those serb fans could have killed/raped/massacred relatives of our players on the field during the war.

And the flag was a representation of all lands where ethnic albanians live actually, and thats a fact that state boundaries cant change. With the flag we showed the support of all albanians in their ethnic locations, as no albanian fan was let in the field, we All were represented by that flag. In albanian matches or other patriotic issues we always consider and refer to the Great Albania, not for the disrespect for the other countries, but more for the support and the fact that the albanians that live in those lands wont be transformed or gone. They’ll always be albanians, no matter the country boundaries.

I don’t hate Serbia but i hate the fact that they refuse to acknowledge our rights and their wrongs, that they refuse to look at the past with objection, cause if they did, then only the people with deep racist issues would continue to have such approach to this delicate matter.

( Too long but had a lot to say)

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